Other Great Books By Gayne!

The Complete Guide To Hunting

The Complete Guide to Hunting Wild Boar and Javelina details the history, biology, habits, and habitat of what is quickly becoming North America’s favorite game animal…

Texas Safari: The Game Hunter's Guide to Texas

The first and only complete guide to hunting the Lone Star State. It s the only guide that includes: (1) Profiles of native and exotic species, predatory and small game…

Texas Safari: The Fishing Guide to Texas

Texas Safari: The Fishing Guide to Texas will prove to be the one guide that fishermen will take to the water again and again.

Eaters Of Men

A mercenary led rescue operation into unexplored Central Africa encounters the only true cannibals ever known to science. Inspired by a true story.

A Little About Gayne

Gayne C. Young is the Editor-in-Chief of North American Hunter and North American Fisherman – both part of CBS Sports -and a columnist for and feature contributor to Outdoor Life and Sporting Classics magazines. His work has appeared in magazines such as Petersen’s Hunting, Texas Sporting Journal, Sports Afield, Gray’s Sporting Journal, Under Wild Skies, Hunter’s Horn, Spearfishing, and many others. In January 2011, Gayne C. Young became the first American outdoor writer to interview Russian Prime Minister, and former Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

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If you mixed Ernest Hemingway, Robert Ruark, Hunter S. Thompson, and four shots of tequila in a blender, a “Gayne Young” is what you’d call the drink!