Eaters Book CoverREaters Of Men [Kindle Edition]
A mercenary led rescue operation into unexplored Central Africa encounters the only true cannibals ever known to science. Inspired by a true story.
This original script was optioned in 2010 by the Academy Award winning production company of Kopelson Entertainment and garnered my assignment for two additional scripts.
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In 2010, Kopelson Entertainment (OUTBREAK, THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE) optioned EATERS OF MEN, an original screenplay by journalist Gayne C. Young. The project has stalled out, but Young is determined to get his story in front of people, so he’s released the script as an ebook. While reading screenplays is not usually my thing, I found this to be an entertaining ride, and I’m happy I gave it a shot.
EATERS OF MEN mixes classic fish-out-of-water elements with exotic African locales and a terrifying tribe of underground cannibals to produce a taut little thriller. It opens with a nighttime attack on a remote village that’s all quick cuts and darkness. It’s teased that lions are responsible, but when it becomes apparent that people were dragged away rather than eaten on the spot, the villagers place blame on “barekas” – devils.
One of the missing is a minister who was in the village doing mission work, and his son quickly hops a plane with a family friend to try and track the minister down. Once there, the two employ a man named Campbell to help them find the minister and any others who may have survived.
The script follows a fairly routine formula from this point forward. Campbell is the seasoned jungle veteran, a mercenary type with a shady past and shady friends. Jonathan Brandt, son of the missing minister, is a college professor who finds he’ll need to dig deep to find his survival instincts. Merial is the tough, beautiful mission worker who might become a love interest for Brandt. And, naturally, there are plenty of porters and villagers who get caught up in the expedition and serve just fine as cannibal cannon fodder.
Familiarity aside, Young has a knack for building tension, especially in the several scenes where the cannibals and Campbell’s team meet up. Young writes articles and books on subjects like boar hunting and safaris, and he puts that knowledge to good use here in building atmosphere. He’s also not afraid to shy away from the nasty side of things – there’s a gruesome cobra attack early in the film, and his cannibals make the CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST guys look tame. These folks don’t just eat flesh (although when they do, they do it with gusto) – they like to wear it, too. Our old pal Leatherface would have been right at home with these guys.
EATERS OF MEN might not bring anything overly original to the table, but in the right hands it could be a fun little thriller, with plenty of splatter to satisfy the gorehounds among us. Here’s hoping it gets its chance.[/review]