New BookCertifiably psychotic guides, angry knife wielding natives, feces chucking primates, hallucinogenic drugs, Hemingway’s incensed niece, and breakaway jungle toilets are just a few of the trials and tribulations author Gayne C. Young faced during his first few years as an outdoor writer. Join this natural born – and, yes albeit hard to believe, professionally trained – raconteur as he travels the Texas swamps and brush country, African veld, rainforests of Papua New Guinea, and the Yucatán Jungle in search of adventure, excitement, and his next beer.
Five Stars
Praise for And Monkeys Threw Crap At Me: Adventures in Hunting, Fishing, and Writing
If you mixed Ernest Hemingway, Robert Ruark, Hunter S. Thompson, four shots of tequila and a Marlboro in a blender, a “Gayne Young” is what you would call the drink. Pure, hilarious, unfiltered outdoor adventure like you won’t find anywhere else. – Doug Howlett, Editor-in-Chief, Gun Digest
Reads like Peter Capstick on a 12 pack…Or acid! – Dave Fulson, Co-Owner, Safari Classics Productions
Epic storytelling and riotous adventure. With beer. Somewhere between Peter Capstick and Hunter S. Thompson, only better. – Pete Ryan, author, Hunting and Fly Fishing the Southern Hemisphere
Hilarious, irreverent, appalling, racy, gut-wrenching, suspenseful, sexy—and that’s just the first chapter. Great stuff! – Ralph Stuart, Editor-in-Chief, Shooting Sportsman
Humor is extremely hard to write. I know because I can’t do it. Gayne Young can. Combining humor with good hunting stories is even more difficult. Gayne Young can do that, too! —Craig Boddington, Executive Field Editor, Intermedia Outdoors
It takes a talented writer to combine high adventure with hilarity. Gayne Young is such a writer. – Chuck Wechsler, Publisher and Editor, Sporting Classics
Absolutely hilarious! Gayne has written what outdoor readers have yearned for even if they didn’t know it. – Josh Wolfe, Editor-in-Chief / Publisher, The Golf Sport
“Adventure and humor, often not an easy combination but masterfully combined by one of the greats of our time: Gayne C. Young! Reads like cross between Ruark, Capstick and Alfred E. Newman – Larry Weishuhn, host, Trailing the Hunter’s Moon
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